What You Need to Know Before Installing a Skylight on Your Roof

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Natural lighting is such an important aspect of any home. No matter how alluring modern artificial lighting has become, nothing still beats the aesthetic effect that natural lighting brings. Not only can it make the room look so warm and pleasing, but it can also help homeowners economically. With natural lighting, you won’t have to worry about racking up high energy bills by keeping the lights on. So, how can you let more light in? One of the best ways to let natural light into your home is through a skylight installation.

There are so many companies that offer skylight installation in Sydney. You won’t find a shortage of roof installation services here in the city. However, you do have to consider some important aspects before deciding to have a skylight installed in your home. Below are some of the important things that you should know before installing a skylight.

Choose a Shade-Free Area

The main purpose of a skylight is to add natural light into the room. The most sensible place to install a skylight, therefore, would be areas inside the house where light cannot come in and where windows cannot be easily installed. Some examples may be the hallway, bathroom, and anywhere that is shaded by a nearby tree.

To ensure that you are maximising the features of a skylight, have it installed in an area where light often has trouble entering. It is also important to install it in a part of the roof that is not shaded. Getting as much light in means getting the full blast of the sun, so make sure that you keep the surrounding trees trimmed.

Know the Types of Skylights

Did you know that there are various types of skylights? Among all the types, the one you should watch out for is the type that can causes glares. Glares can be harmful, especially if it causes the room to heat up too much. It can also make the room uncomfortably bright.

The wrong skylight can also cause you to lose money. Some skylights, for example, can let too much heat in, which makes cooling through air conditioners a necessity. This is not only counter-productive, but it can also be the main cause of energy leaks. This is often the case with inexpensive or poorly-installed skylights.

Talk to an expert in skylight installation in Sydney to learn more about this risk. Remember that making the smart choice and investing in robust models can be beneficial in the long run through reduced heating and cooling costs.

Placement Can Affect the Room’s Size

Placement does not only consider the level of shade present in the area, it also considers how the light hits in. If you place the skylight in a steeply sloped part of the roof, for instance, you may run into the trouble of having too little light in the room. It can make the room feel smaller and more cramped.

On the other hand, a well-positioned skylight can make the room feel bigger. Big dramatic skylights with moderate shade can serve as an extension of the room, giving the illusion that the room is bigger than it seems.

Pick the Right Materials

Different materials have a different effect on a skylight. Skylights made with low-quality materials often speed up the heat gain, especially during hot Australian summers. Choose skylights made with tempered, double-insulated glass with Low-E coatings. Look into glass types with argon gas in between the panes since this feature allows for better insulation. Bronze tints are also something you should consider.

If you want as much insulation and as much durability as possible, the following features we have mentioned are some things you should look for. No matter where they are placed on the roof, well-made skylights can deliver the lighting and the protection your family needs.

Think of the Climate in Your Area

You have the option to choose skylights with vents or those that cannot be opened. Generally, homes in warmer areas can benefit from skylights that can vent since it allows fresh air to flow in. Vents can also help cool down a room on hot summer days. Typically, skylights that can vent are opened manually. But nowadays, you can have motorized skylights installed right on your roof.

On the other hand, if you reside in a place where it’s always cold, we recommend well-coated skylights that are made with robust materials. Vents might not serve you as much, since you need to keep heat in as much as possible.

Add more sunshine to your life with skylights. Good thing you can get quality skylight installation in Sydney through Sydney Wide Roofing. We offer services in roofing in Sydney. We handle everything from the installation down to maintenance and repair.

For more questions about skylights, feel free to check out our website or call our direct line.

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  1. Taylor AbramsOctober 8, 2022

    I’m glad you talked about how installing a skylight where light is frequently hindered can guarantee that you are using all of its benefits. As I was looking for solutions on where I should have a skylight installation in our home, I’m glad that I come across your article. I’ll certainly tell my husband that we can have it installed in our hallways as we needed natural light inside.


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