Pros and Cons of an Attic and Roof Ventilation System

roof replacement Sydney
roof replacement Sydney

Due to the increased use of insulation, more energy-efficient windows and doors, as well as house wraps, today’s homes have become more airtight than in the past. Consequently, these homes do not breathe as easily as before, which makes roof ventilation systems more important than ever.

During the hot season, the heat from the sun builds in the attic and radiates into the living space, which makes your home uncomfortable. That’s why air conditioning usage increases and roof shingles start to deteriorate. During the cold season, the moisture generated inside your home rises to the attic where it condenses and causes mould and mildew.

Lack of attic and roof ventilation system is one of the main contributors to winter ice dams that caused damage to many roofs and forced homeowners to consider roof replacement in Sydney.

While a ventilation system is beneficial to your roofing in Sydney, not every roof ventilator system, however, is favourable for homes. This calls for a careful inspection before installation. To help you know whether the attic and roof ventilation system is for you, we have compiled its pros and cons in this article.

Pro #1: Moisture control

Moisture is drawn to cold surfaces the same way it is drawn to your windows. When cold surfaces get wet, they start to rot and mould forms. The rot affects the framing and the roof decking, resulting in a sagging roof.

Moreover, sagging roofs leak and worsen the moisture problem in the attic, creating big problems in the living areas below. With a ventilation system in your roofing in Sydney, moisture has a place to escape before moulds and mildews appear and create further damage.

Con #1: Carbon Monoxide Risk

If you have natural gas or propane burning appliances (e.g. a furnace or water heaters), an attic ventilation system could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. It could also create negative air pressure in your home’s interior. But if you want to install a ventilation system, you can try solar-powered or turbine attic fans.

Pro #2: Temperature Control

During the coldest season of the year, attic ventilation is necessary to maintain warmer room temperature. Interestingly, in the hottest season of the year, attic ventilation is just as important for the opposite reason—to keep the attic space cool. So, an attic ventilation system helps regulate the overall temperature levels within the house.

Con #2: Roof Leak Risk

According to experts, most types of attic ventilation systems are not designed to prevent water intrusion during hurricanes. They are only intended to keep out “normal” rainfall, which means the power of the wind can push water up the roof in sheets when rainstorms take place.

Furthermore, when do not install these types of ventilations properly, the probability of calling in the help of roof leaking specialists increases.

Pro #3: Reduced Energy Costs

Proper roof ventilation removes hot air from houses through the process called air circulation. The system minimises the workload on your air conditioner, therefore reducing your electric bill. Besides, the reduced temperature in the attic benefits the air conditioner by keeping the internal air and ductwork cooler.

Con #3: Not Always Energy Efficient

When attics are poorly sealed, it can lead to fans pulling conditioned air from inside the home into the attic. This makes your air conditioning unit work harder and still be counterproductive.

Even with a perfectly tight ceiling, powered attic ventilators use more energy than they save. For this reason, the production of solar-powered attic ventilators (supposedly off the grid) has begun.

Pro #4: Extended Roof Life

When the heat from inside your attic combines with the heat from the sun, ice damming happens. This occurrence leads to damaging your entire roofing system, your attic, and even inside the walls of your home. When this happens, you will be required to have roof replacement in Sydney.

When your attic heats up, the underlayment warms up as well. Over time, they will become brittle and ineffective. This is when proper roof ventilation system can prove to be a boon as it helps escape the warm air before it melts the snow and ice on your roof. The system does not let your roofing in Sydney turn brittle, therefore extending its life. Plus, you will be able to avoid the costly roof repairs in Sydney.


Like any other aspects of life, having a roof ventilation system comes with advantages and disadvantages. If the pros weigh more than the cons, then installing a ventilation system might be worth the shot.

When thinking about installing a new roof or replacing the old ones, it is crucial to consider installing the right attic ventilation system. Not only will it protect your attic and roof but also provide better comfort inside the home and help save energy. The best way to maximise the benefits of roof ventilation is to work with a roofing professional before jumping to a conclusion.

When qualifying contractors for your roof replacement in Sydney, it is essential to hire roofing specialists who are knowledgeable in the basics of the roof and attic ventilation. Luckily, you do not have to look any further. Sydney Wide Roofing comes to your rescue!

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