Roof Leaking Specialist Tips: How to Maintain a Moss-Free Roof?

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Moss growth, regardless of its size, can damage your roof if left unnoticed and unaddressed. The growth of moss on your roof can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in roof replacement alone.

In this blog, let us learn how moss growth can impact your roof's quality. We will also learn how to maintain your roof to prevent moss growth, as advised by roof leaking specialists.

Can Moss Growth Cause Roof Leakage?

Do you think moss and other roof build-ups only affect curb appeal? Maybe you should think again. Moss growth on the roof can lead to roof damage, resulting in a leak. Roof leaks can be caused by something such as moss, and the growth of moss on a roof can cause it to leak if it becomes too large.

The moist and warm conditions on roofs make them perfect nesting grounds for moss. When gutters are clogged, or debris is too thick on the roof surface, water may not be able to escape. Water may accumulate on the roof without proper drainage, causing leaks, structural damage, and moulds.

Why Is It Important to Remove Roof Moss and Avoid It?

Sadly, what starts as a small patch of moss may cost you money in house repairs if the issue isn't found in time and if it isn’t addressed right away. For this reason, it is necessary to keep up with any moss that begins to grow on your roof.

Maintaining a clean roof and avoiding moss growth will help prevent eventual damage to your roof. Roofing shingles become bent and broken due to moss damage, affecting your roof's lifespan.

Furthermore, moss on your roof soaks up rainwater every time it rains and lingers. Consequently, moss can spread over your roof, causing more tiles to become damaged.

Roof Leaking Specialist Tips to Maintain a Moss-Free Roof

Moss on a roof can cause water build-up and damage if left untreated. If you observe moss growing on your roof, you should consider these maintenance tips as suggested by roof leaking specialists.

These tips will help you keep your roof protected from moss growth and save thousands of dollars on the cost of roof replacement. Try these tips, and you will be surprised at the difference they make to the lifespan of your roof!

1. Trim the tree branches

Do you have trees in your backyard with branches that extend towards your roof? This might encourage moss growth since it casts a shadow on the roof, making it an ideal habitat for them to thrive. With that, it is best to trim these branches, especially those close to or already touching the roof.

Do note that you don't have to cut the trees—all you need to do is cut the branches with a professional cutter.

2. Follow a gutter cleaning schedule

Gutters should always be spotless, especially during the wet months of the year. Make sure you can set a fixed schedule for when you should check your gutters for debris. This is because once this debris decomposes, it becomes a fertile environment where moss and other plant life can thrive.

3. Keep your roof debris-free

Over time, your roof may collect debris, such as branches, leaves, and seedpods. And if you ignore this debris, you will again create an environment where moss can grow freely. Once you see any debris resting on your roof, remove it immediately and prevent moss from growing.

4. Consider installing metal strips

One of the preventive measures when it comes to roof maintenance includes the installation of metal strips, such as those made of zinc, lead, and copper.

Metal strips made of copper, zinc, or lead may be used to prevent moss from growing on a roof.

5. Regularly inspect your roof.

Consider hiring a roof cleaning company to inspect your roof so that you can identify any moss growth before they cause problems such as leaks, damaged areas that need to be repaired, or indications your roof needs to be replaced. You can, however, do your regular inspections after significant storms, at the beginning of each new season, or even after minor storms.

Following these tips is the key to ensuring everything goes well for your roof. You should be able to avoid climbing ladders and walking on roofs for at least a few years once you start taking the said steps on ensuring your roof is well-maintained enough so it will not become a place where moss can grow and thrive.

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